Testimonials — See what Aikido students say about quality of classes


The first thing that strikes you about Paul, is that he looks like a brick wall! You expect a hard hitter, but not necessarily the most agile Akidoist. The funny thing is that is 100% not the case. Paul moves faster than many people a fraction of his size, and his Aikido is smooth and effortless. It is because of this, and his varied martial arts knowledge and skills that I always look forward to training in his classes”
— Charles M., Program Manager
Paul is an excellent Aikido teacher who effectively shows students, from beginner to advanced, how to apply the principles of Aikido to reach higher levels of performance and walk out of the dojo a better person than they came in.
— Brad J, Health Care Professional
Paul is the rarest of martial art teachers: he is wonderfully exuberant about the art of Aikido and remarkably clear in his physical demonstrations and verbal instructions. He creates a safe and open dojo space that facilitates growth in every student at any level. He honors learning and expansion in a manner that inspires the student to challenge himself or herself to continue growing both on and off the mat.
— Susan, Physical Therapist, San Dan Aikido
Sensei Bohlman’s teaching emphasizes personal development through the practice of aikido techniques. This has helped me with being a more centered and grounded person, which in turn has allowed me to handle the stresses of life better.
— Patrick F, Psychiatrist